IAS AlertIII™ Remote Monitoring Station

IAS AlertIII Remote Monitoring Station




AlertII In New Jersey

What is the cost of not knowing?

Introducing the Alert IIITM for the best in crop monitoring. A low cost, very simple internet of things system to setup and use with many advanced features. The Alert IIITM used together with HarvestWatchTM will monitor almost anything and send alerts on any critical event. Sustainability is key to maintaining a successful agricultural environment.

HarvestWatchTM is a state-of-the-art Cloud based product that supports all IAS automation products. All your devices, pumps, monitoring stations, etc. are available in a single secure account with multi-level user, monitoring and notification control. With dashboards, multiple systems can be displayed for ease of monitoring.

  • Is your pump running?
  • Will the weather damage your crops?
  • Is your reservoir almost empty or ready to overflow?

Alert IIITM is the definition of “Plug and Play”, simple as 1,2,3,4!

  • Unpack, mount on a pole, plug in the cable, login into HarvestWatchTM to set your alerts and your good to go!

Base kit contains an Alert IIITM, 20W solar panel with cable, mounting hardware, and temperature sensor.

  The Alert IIITM uses the latest state of the art technology for power management, cellular coverage, extensive firmware features like OTA upgrade capability, data logging capability and more.

  • Data logging capability – can be used for poor cell coverage or a straight forward data logger.
  • Internal Lithium Ion battery – provides up to 10 days of no sunshine power
  • 4G/LTE Cellular ready

Sensor Array:

  • Temperature
  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil Tension
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Pressure/Vacuum
  • Liquid Level Monitoring
  • Contact
  • Any 4-20ma or 0-5V sensor capable

Screenshot of the Alert III

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