Company Overview

Let's get a picture of the team either together or working in the conference room with product on the table OR a pic of team in the field with a farmerEstablished: 2004
Headquarters: Whitinsville, MA
President: Brett Niver
Primary Markets Served: Berries, Grapes and Citrus
Industry Organizations: Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, American Cranberry Association

Established Leader in the North American Berry, Grape and Citrus Industries

In 2004, after recognizing the disconnect between Cranberry Bog owners/operators and their ability to protect their crops, save water and labor costs and manage their farms while they are away,  we developed products for remote irrigation control, a remote engine/motor control software (HarvestWatch) and multiple hardware solutions that are fed by “state of the art” wireless, air/plant temperature and soil moisture transmitters.

All clients who subscribe to our remote management software are granted remote access to their IAS irrigation control systems through a secure internet portal from any world wide location where internet access is available.  The IAS HarvestWatch software allows the grower to see all conditions of both the engine/pump/irrigation system and the growing area as defined by each grower.  The information displayed is available 24/7 with five (9) reliability and is logged for later use.

Our Process
We are a fast growing high tech company through consultative direct selling.  Our success is directly related to the referrals from our existing customers (link to case histories).  This typically starts with a visit to our booth at a trade show, a phone call with a member of our sales team or factory trained iRep’s located geographically throughout North America.

We typically start the partnership with our clients with the completion of the preliminary IAS Application Data Sheet where we learn about our customers needs.  The IAS Application Data Sheet is used to formulate the most cost effective solution based on our proven experience, the customers needs and their ability to maintain the solution.  We offer a proposal which is personally reviewed to answer all questions.  When all questions are answered and objections are reversed we ask for the order so we can begin manufacturing along with working out the installation and start up details.  This entire process can take a few days or several weeks depending on the offered solution and available resources.

Product Value

  • Protect your cash crop
  • Maximize yield/acre
  • Decrease fruit rot potential
  • Decrease the use of natural resources (water, air and fuel)
  • Extend the life of your mechanical systems (engines/motors, pumps, valves, piping & sprinkler heads)
  • Enable you to log mechanical system operation and produce required reports
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease your Carbon Footprint
  • Decrease the time spent manually controlling your irrigation system and overhead costs
  • Increase safety on the farm by decreasing manual labor
  • Decrease run off/tailing flow
  • Decrease chemigation/fertigation chemical use
  • Create the most sustainable growing environment possible meeting your customer requirements for sustainability

With the integration of our unique water management systems we can help you control the proper application of water to protect your crop without the need to visit the site. With our remote monitoring, we can help you monitor the air, soil and plant temperatures, soil moisture and water table level, insuring the correct amount of protection is applied without wasting labor, water and energy.  Our systems operate autonomously regardless of the cell phone or internet communication links.

Start your irrigation modernization initiative today by calling Irrigation Automation Systems (IAS). We will help you build on your existing sustainability plan and help to confirm if you qualify for any available Organizational, State and/or Federal grant funding.

Looking Ahead
We will continue to expand our leadership in the development of wireless solutions for field monitoring and control of agricultural and environmental processes and applications.   We only can accomplish this quest with continued partnership with our customers and the support of academic and organizational groups dedicated to the sustainable promotion of the industries we serve, such as the CCCGA, WSGCA, UMass Cranberry Research Station, UWI Madison Ext. and Rutgers Blueberry and Cranberry Station.  We understand the importance of the North American Agricultural market for our children’s future and thrive on meeting our customers needs and the development of new technology leading to new products to help the farmers meet the ever changing environmental challenges both, physical and legislative.  With our customers input (sometimes too much!) we are forever modifying and improving our solutions, this will never change.

Preserving Resources
(click here for the Sustainability Brochure)
PPPAt IAS we pride ourselves on the ability to implement solutions that help our customers quickly decrease their impact on the planet while helping them become more profitable.  Our systems immediately decrease water use, which also decreases the amount of time the irrigation system operates which is directly related to decreased fuel use and avoided emission creation.  The less obvious resources saved with the IAS solutions are; labor, vehicle transportation use and maintenance, irrigation system maintenance (increased engine, pump, pipe and sprinkler head life), the real potential for decreased chemical use (nutrient, pesticides and fungicides) and the ability to maximize water quality.

Our Memberships

  • Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • WPI Venture Forum (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  • PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers International)

We believe in the power of the internet, our website is a living entity, we will be updating the information and links on the website frequently, and require your participation to constantly improve it. Please use our inquiry page to let us know what you would like us to add to it (links, white papers, organizational/industry news, etc.).

We offer:

  • Oil Tank Monitoring
  • Remote Data Logging
  • Multi-Sensor Weather Monitoring
  • Irrigation Control
  • Water Level Monitoring and Control
  • Pump Auto Start Systems
  • Frost Protection
  • Advanced AutoStart
  • AutoLift