XR3000 – Irrigation Example

Example: Scheduled Irrigation with Nutrient Injection for Fertigation and Acid Injection for pH control.

Three Ouptut System



Consider a simple XR3000-based Irrigation System with 3 Outputs. Using constant velocity injection pumps for nutrient and acid, timed application can be used during the irrigation cycle to apply a precise amount of nutrient and/or acid with appropriate flush periods.





Aside is shown an example time-line of the irrigation cycle. During a normal irrigation cycle, Outputs 2 and 3 can be configured to activate independent injection pumps to apply a predetermined amount of nutrient and/or acid.

All of the setup is done via the web, no programming required.cycle


Output 2 which controls the Nutrient Injection pump, is chained to Output 1 with a delay of X and an On Time of 30 Minutes. Output 3, which controls the Acid Injection pump, is also chained to Output 1 with a delay of Y and an On Time of 10 Minutes.



This is the setup for the irrigation cycle shown above.outputs

  • Output 1 is the “Start”[1] A 30 second Start delay is shown.
  • Output 2 will start 15 minutes after Output 1 or start of irrigation. X is 15.

Output 3 will start 60 minutes after Output 1. Y is 60.[1] Pump might start by using Output 1 as a contact, or via Modbus, but Output 1 is Start reference.







Shown is an example Schedule configuration from the Control Tab. This cycle is configured to start on Tuesday, at 6:30 AM, and run for 2 hours.