IAS XR3000™ II Agent – Simple Configurable Control

The IAS XR3000™ II Family of Remote Monitoring and Control products, adds the ultimate flexibility and control to your automation projects. IAS X3000™ models can work in tandem with Modbus capable pump and engine controllers, and can also function as stand-alone controllers. XR3000 II™ pass through an extensive manufacturing test process to ensure the highest quality product!

IMG_2151The XR3000™ II products build on the innovative IAS XR3000™ product and offer web-based configurable logic control, integrated wireless sensors, GPS and MPPT solar charge controller for maintaining external batteries. Automate your Engine or Electric Pump easily.  The new XR3000™ II family provides remote access and programmability to a vast array of Modbus-capable, as well as non Modbus-capable automation panels. The XR3000™ Agent can also function as a stand-alone controller for applications such as multi-zone drip irrigation control, fertigation control, water-level management, flume control and many more.

HarvestWatchAll IAS Products are remotely accessible via IAS HarvestWatch™ web-based software.  Thru HarvestWatch™, users can setup Text, Email  and Voice alerts, configure outputs to turn on and off based on sensor input or schedule, manage users and more.

The XR3000™ II can configure up to 8 RF90™ II wireless sensors.  Sensors can transmit up to a mile, and with the Intelligent Repeater™  for extended distance or around obstacles.  Wireless Sensors are automatically discovered by the XR3000™ base unit, and are very easily managed with IAS HarvestWatch™.



IAS XR3000™ II Agent

  • Telemetry device, plus IO, all Alert sensors plus outputs – and 8 channel Configurable Logic Controller (CLC). Acts autonomously as an ‘Agent’ of the customer.
    • Industry standard 21-pin Deutsch Connector
    • 4 Ports for IAS Intelligent Sensors
    • 8 RF90™ II Wireless Sensors
    • 8 10A Programmable Outputs, Input thresholds can be set to control corresponding outputs.
    • Configurable for both remote and autonomous control. Complex automation configurable from intuitive, single page web interface.
    • Can be run on 24VDC with internal batteries used as backup.
    • RS485/Modbus interface – compatible with all major automation controllers and panels
    • Solar Panel Ready with Extreme Efficiency MPP Solar Charger
    • IP67 Enclosure for Base Unit and Wireless Sensors