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  • XR3000 Configurable Logic Controller – Combining Fertigation and Frost Protection


    The XR3000 handles normal Fertigation tasks with ease by combining scheduled irrigation capabilities with configurable output sequencing. In climates where growers may want to continue irrigation and fertigation in seasons where temperatures may dip into freezing zones at night, they can configure the IAS XR3000 to handle either task without requiring any setup change. To […]

  • XR3000 Configurable Logic Controller and Trigger Outputs


    The XR3000 can be configured remotely to run a sequence of outputs at a scheduled time. These outputs can control relays, pumps, valves or any dry contact. The XR3000 enables output sequencing by allowing an output to “follow” or be “triggered” by another output. Start delays and on times can also be defined. If an […]

  • Smart Agriculture and the Internet of Things

    The use of the phrase “Internet Of Things” is so broad and pervasive that it has seemingly taken on a life of it’s own, where IoT is the market and companies are jockeying for position to be the ones to sell their IoT products to other IoT players. That being said, what about applying this […]