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  • Farm Automation


    Farm Automation: Make your life easier! Farm labor is expensive, don’t waste it on tasks that are better managed with automation. We constantly hear from growers about the challenge to find quality workers and the desire to help their current work force improve productivity. Technology has addressed this issue by providing the farmer with innovation: […]

  • “We’ll Keep You Running” Promotion for Advanced AutoStart Users

    XR3000 II System

    As of May 15, 2018 F.W. Murphy announced the end of 467 controller inventory. IAS has purchased 5 of the existing stock and will make them available to repair existing AutoStarts on a first come basis. We will support and repair the Advanced AutoStart system, to the best of our ability through December 2019. With […]

  • IAS Spring 2018 Sales Trade-In, Trade Up Promotions

    To emphasize our commitment to our core customers in the northeast, IAS is offering the following promotions: $800 discount to growers who would like to trade in and upgrade to an XR3000II system $150 discount growers who would like to trade in and upgrade to the Alert III with temp or soil sensor. The above […]