IAS Introduces the Alert IV

Alert 4

Irrigation Automation Systems (www.iassys.com) introduces the Alert IV to it’s Already expansive line up of data monitoring systems. The Alert IV provides the grower the option of linking up to 8 RF90II sensor radios throughout his operation. Consider the cranberry grower who does not need to automate his pump but still needs an accurate accounting of temperature conditions in multiple areas or the apple grower who needs to monitor the soil moisture in his grove. The Alert IV, in both cases, can distribute radios as needed and receive timely feedback via cell phone, tablet, or computer. The RF90II radio can accommodate multiple options for sensors, such as the IAS soil moisture probe, pressure sensor, wind, etc. The RF90II can read almost any sensor that is 4mA to 20mA (milliamps) making the Alert IV an option for any operation that requires near real time monitoring. The Alert IV is an attractive and cost efficient option providing wireless communication for time critical data management. It has the simplicity of  a true “plug and play” set up, as soon as you plug in the gateway unit, you are online. If you ask yourself, “what is the cost of not knowing?” this system can be a life saver.

Alert 4 Screen


For more information about the Alert IV – Field Net or purchase a system, please contact Paul Oparowski at IAS (800-549-4551, paul.oparowski@iassys.com)