Diesel Driven Center Pivot Automation

Irrigation Automation Systems is proud to announce that they have successfully automated a pump and pivot generator driven by diesel engines with our XR3000 II. This breakthrough will allow growers the ability to remotely start or schedule start and monitor their irrigation systems, saving them time, money and water application. Lowering overhead and eliminating time consuming tasks enables farmers to focus on more important tasks.

Making life easier on the farm

Imagine being able to start your center pivot with your cell phone, computer or tablet and then monitor it’s performance remotely. Farmers will no longer have to spend time driving to the pump and pivot, coordinating with another colleague while they work in tandem to get the unit up and running. And once the unit is started farmers can see the engine running and monitor critical functions such as oil pressure, RPM’s, engine temperature and pressure. Irrigation pump automation makes life better, improves productivity and resource sustainability and lowers labor costs. Your time is more valuable than spending time starting a pump and pivot motor.

Ease of set up, ease of use

The XR3000 II™ system can be installed by a competent mechanic in less than a day. Once it’s installed, users wonder how they got along without it. Accessed through the cloud based HarvestWatch™, the farmer can easily set up schedules, alerts, sensor thresholds and outputs, to name a few items. The system is managed via a configurable logic controller, putting management and control in the hands of the user. Changes to the system can be made on the fly. With hundreds of automation systems installed and running over the past 10 years, you can count on the reliability that IAS builds into every unit.

Irrigation Automation Systems’ XR3000 II™ is the choice of a new generation of tech savvy farmers

Some of challenges facing today’s agriculture leaders is managing larger operations, improving productivity and finding competent workers. Technology in the form of automation is one of the ways to address these challenges. Automation is a productivity multiplier, eliminating the need for out dated crop irrigation management and allowing users to apply time, and overhead to other areas. Contact IAS to find out how you can benefit from their affordable and indispensable breakthrough technology.

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For more information about center pivot automation, please call 800-549-4551 or write to info@iassys.com

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