Farm Automation

IMG_2352Farm Automation: Make your life easier!

Farm labor is expensive, don’t waste it on tasks that are better managed with automation. We constantly hear from growers about the challenge to find quality workers and the desire to help their current work force improve productivity. Technology has addressed this issue by providing the farmer with innovation: GPS guided tractors, improved crop varieties and versatile combine harvesters, to name a few. Add irrigation automation to this list.

Automation provides reliability and access 24/7, improves productivity, sustainability and knowledge. This frees up the grower and his workforce to apply their time to other pressing needs. Consider being able to start or stop your pump via phone, schedule or sensor and monitor it’s activity. Managing multiple units is a snap with the Dashboard feature. Now a grower can successfully multitask; manage his irrigation pumps while doing something else. For less than the cost of a full time employee, your irrigation needs are covered.

In this current economy, it’s hard to find the talent that fits your needs. Why not improve the proficiency of people who are working for you now. Lower overhead and expenses with automation. Irrigation Automation Systems has a solid track record of providing affordable, reliable and flexible automation set ups for your irrigation systems. Whether it be sprinkler head, center pivot, drip, etc., IAS has the right application for you. Put the Internet of Things to work for your irrigation system