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Typical installation

Diesel Driven Center Pivot Automation

Irrigation Automation Systems is proud to announce that they have successfully automated a pump and pivot generator driven by diesel engines with our XR3000 II™. This breakthrough will allow growers the ability to remotely start or schedule start and monitor their irrigation systems, saving them time, money and water application. Lowering overhead and eliminating time […]


IAS At Kentucky Gas Association with Warden Electric

  Kevin Connolly of IAS partnered with Dave Blye of Warden Electric at the recent Kentucky Gas Association Compression Workshop in Somerset Kentucky recently.  Featured at the show from IAS were the new IAS Solar Telemetry Unit, and our popular AlertII remote monitoring and alerting system. For energy producers, being able to remotely monitor events […]


Manage multiple remote devices with HarvestWatch™

IAS HarvestWatch™ gives customers the ability to leverage the simple-to-use HarvestWatch™ control page across multiple devices with a single click.   By using the “Device Groups” feature of HarvestWatch™, a customer can define groups of devices that have similar operating requirements.   Once groups have been defined, a Control Page “Write” can be sent to […]