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Lance Cox explaining XR3000

XR3000 In Oregon

IAS was recently out on the beautiful coast of Oregon working with Lance Cox of Coos Curry Supply helping to establish the initial installations of XR3000-based irrigation control in the west-coast Cranberry market.    Lance Cox of Coos Curry Supply explains the XR3000 system to a cranberry grower.  Lance’s expertise in hydrology is critical for […]

Input Tab

Configurable Logic Control

  The IAS XR3000™ has a built in Configurable Logic Controller (CLC).  Generally speaking, any type of Logic Controller, monitors inputs and makes decisions based on those inputs to turn on outputs. For a Programmable Logic Controller, the definition of inputs, decision-making logic, and output control is programmed into the PLC using some form of […]


IAS Entering IPM Market

In the images below are seen an unexpected value for growers using IAS RF90 Wireless Soil Moisture sensors.  Every sensor added attracts at least one dragonfly.   IAS RF90 here shown monitoring young corn.  The dragonfly species shown here has remained mostly unchanged for 250 million years.  Apparently they are very adaptive.  Dragonflies eat mosquitoes […]

IAS RF90 Monitors Tomatoes

Community Harvest Project relies on soil-moisture monitoring to optimize drip irrigation.

The Community Harvest Project in Grafton, MA, is a non-profit, volunteer-run working farm that donates 100% of all produce to hunger relief organizations within Worcester County. In 2014, CHP was able to provide 1.1 million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need. An early adopter in terms of using automating irrigation using […]


Get Your Antennas Up!

“Line Of Sight” is an often misunderstood term.  I run into customers often who are having some issues with wireless sensors, and will say “I have Line Of Sight, I can see the pump house from the sensor”.  One critical factor which is often ignored or misunderstood is the Fresnel Zone.  Simply put, the Fresnel […]


Managing Wireless Sensors

With the advent of wireless sensors as part of an automation system, one challenge is determining if the sensors are actually working, and then if there’s a question, determining the issue.  Important questions to ask are 1) how long since I’ve heard from the sensor, 2) how good is the RF signal quality, and 3) […]


IAS And Water Management

IAS recently had the opportunity to work with Enovation Controls and Tradewinds Power Corp to add remote monitoring and control capability to a throw-0ut pump for a customer who has the responsibility for managing the level of water reservoirs on their land.   Robbie Captain of Enovation Controls is making a final adjustment to the […]

Monitor Remote Pump Starts

The video below demonstrates how to define a simple Text Message alert that is generated when a pump is remotely started or stopped.  In this case, the pump is being controlled by a Murphy Controls ML2000, and connected to the Internet with a Tradewinds RMS3000.  This method can be very useful to monitor remote pumps […]