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IAS Entering IPM Market

In the images below are seen an unexpected value for growers using IAS RF90 Wireless Soil Moisture sensors.  Every sensor added attracts at least one dragonfly.   IAS RF90 here shown monitoring young corn.  The dragonfly species shown here has remained mostly unchanged for 250 million years.  Apparently they are very adaptive.  Dragonflies eat mosquitoes […]

Initial Wall Mount

Community Harvest Project relies on soil-moisture monitoring to optimize drip irrigation.

The Community Harvest Project in Grafton, MA, is a non-profit, volunteer-run working farm that donates 100% of all produce to hunger relief organizations within Worcester County. In 2014, CHP was able to provide 1.1 million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need. An early adopter in terms of using automating irrigation using […]


Get Your Antennas Up!

“Line Of Sight” is an often misunderstood term.  I run into customers often who are having some issues with wireless sensors, and will say “I have Line Of Sight, I can see the pump house from the sensor”.  One critical factor which is often ignored or misunderstood is the Fresnel Zone.  Simply put, the Fresnel […]


Managing Wireless Sensors

With the advent of wireless sensors as part of an automation system, one challenge is determining if the sensors are actually working, and then if there’s a question, determining the issue.  Important questions to ask are 1) how long since I’ve heard from the sensor, 2) how good is the RF signal quality, and 3) […]

Three Ouptut System

XR3000 – Irrigation Example

Example: Scheduled Irrigation with Nutrient Injection for Fertigation and Acid Injection for pH control. Consider a simple XR3000-based Irrigation System with 3 Outputs. Using constant velocity injection pumps for nutrient and acid, timed application can be used during the irrigation cycle to apply a precise amount of nutrient and/or acid with appropriate flush periods. Below […]

XR3000 Agent

IAS Introduces XR3000 Family

The IAS XR3000™ Family of Remote Monitoring and Control products, adds the ultimate flexibility and control to your automation projects. IAS X3000™ models can work in tandem with Modbus capable pump and engine controllers, and can also function as stand-alone controllers. Adding wireless IAS Remote Sensor Units to your XR3000™ allows automatic control based on […]

Internet Of Anything??

I tried to explain the “Internet Of Things” to my wife the other night. She really didn’t care. However companies like IT giants IBM and Cisco, to ASIC vendors like Broadcom and Intel, to software companies large and small are spending cubic dollars just to market and position themselves within this new buzz-o-sphere. Initially I […]

How Wet is Wet?

How should we measure soil moisture with respect to the needs of our crops? There are many competing technologies for soil moisture sensors, and claims for superiority of a given technology over another. Most growers already have methods for determining how wet their soil is relative to the needs of their crop. A sensor should […]

Why a Modbus-capable Pump Controller

If you are considering automating a remote resource such as a pump, you are probably looking for a pump controller that can automatically turn on and turn off your pump based on environmental conditions or time. You may even want the ability to remotely manage and start/stop your pump. If your pump is engine-driven, you […]