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The Cost of Not Knowing

What happens if equipment of yours that your customers depend on for service fails or is shut down and you don’t know?  This recently happened to an IAS customer, but fortunately they had installed an IAS AlertIITM to monitor a critical gas compressor, and when it was shut down, multiple company employees received immediate notification.  […]

Why a Modbus-capable Pump Controller

If you are considering automating a remote resource such as a pump, you are probably looking for a pump controller that can automatically turn on and turn off your pump based on environmental conditions or time. You may even want the ability to remotely manage and start/stop your pump. If your pump is engine-driven, you […]

How Wet is Wet?

How should we measure soil moisture with respect to the needs of our crops? There are many competing technologies for soil moisture sensors, and claims for superiority of a given technology over another. Most growers already have methods for determining how wet their soil is relative to the needs of their crop. A sensor should […]


IAS at World Ag 2014

For the first time in it’s history, IAS had a booth at the World Ag show in Tulare, CA.  As most of you should know, California and much of the west is experiencing a record drought.  Growers of all types of crops visited our booth to ask questions about our AlertII™ and soil moisture monitoring […]

IAS Joins SAE International

IAS recently became a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.  Many of our customers rely on engine-driven pumps, and many of these are electronically controlled.  Recently IAS has needed to develop expertise in engine-control protocols to better support a multitude of power-plant builds, as well as begin to provide support for Tier 4 Diesel […]

Soil Moisture Based Irrigation Versus Evapo-Transpiration

The study referenced below compared four irrigation control methods and evaluated each for water-savings.  The methods were 1) Schedule based, 2) Schedule with Soil Moisture Add-On, 3) Soil-Moisture Control and 4) Evapo-Transpiration. The order of water savings among these methods were : 1) Soil-Moisture Control for On-Demand Irrigation – most water savings 2) Soil-Moisture Add-On […]

Polar Vortex and Strawberries

Hope everyone is keeping warm. In MA we’re through with the cold effects from the Polar Vortex. We expect more calls from southern growers this spring for frost monitoring. Here is a link to a news article from Tampa Bay indicating the weathers possible impact to agriculture in the area.