Internet Of Anything??

I tried to explain the “Internet Of Things” to my wife the other night. She really didn’t care. However companies like IT giants IBM and Cisco, to ASIC vendors like Broadcom and Intel, to software companies large and small are spending cubic dollars just to market and position themselves within this new buzz-o-sphere. Initially I reacted negatively to the hype around this newest buzz-phrase, but I’ve decided if you can’t beat-em… IAS has been connecting things to the Internet in the form of wireless sensors, irrigation pumps, general engine-driven equipment and more, for more than ten years. Since we build and provide everything from the sensor to the local area wireless, to the solar-powered cellular Internet connectivity as well as the data connectivity and web-based backend, we seem to be the very definition of a “Internet Of Everything” company. If farmers need to monitor and/or control it via the Internet, we provide it.


There, I feel better.