Become an iRep

iRep’s or Integrating Representatives are responsible for sales, service support and installation of IAS solutions.

We are adding iReps throughout North America to assist and support our customers. To confirm if we have added any new partners close to you, see list below or contact us today

  • KC Enterprises (Fruit Industry – East Coast and Eastern Canada)
  • Phils Pumping and Fabrication (Nutrient Management-WI)
  • KA Enterprises (Fruit Industry – WI)
  • Electromechanique (Fruit Industry – Quebec Canada)

We are currently looking for iReps in the following areas. If you live or work in any of the following areas and have experience in sales or farm management and would like to become an iRep, contact us today.

  • (Fruit Industry – NJ)                           
  • (Fruit Industry – WA)
  • (Fruit Industry – Northern CA)