IAS Technology

IAS Technology has multiple core components.  Key among these components is IAS HarvestWatch™.

harvestwatch_technologyAll of our IAS Technology centers around HarvestWatch™, our web-based Software-As-A-Service platform for monitoring and controlling remote resources critical for today’s agricultural business.

IAS staff are experts in all forms of Machine-to-Machine communication, and can provide cellular telemetry to anywhere in the world.

Customer can manage their remote resources from any internet connected browser, laptop, or phone.

More recent IAS products such as AlertII™ and TempGard™ optimize M2M data transmission by pushing data to our IAS ModPlexCache™ Multiplexed Modbus Gateway.  This sophisticated server software improves latency and thruput to our HarvestWatch™ servers by aggregating small units of data and caching the data until requested by HarvestWatch™.