Crop Environmental Monitoring


Let Irrigation Automation Systems (IAS) help you monitor your growing area and specific crop data. 

Our IAS TempGard solution can use local wireless remote radio’s with temperature sensors to monitor air, soil or plant temperatures and transmit the data back to the local base station which can be connected to an internet ready laptop to relay the information to our IAS HarvestWatch software.  The IAS HarvestWatch Software graphically represents and logs all the recorded data and allows you to use the information to calculate desired parameters to help you manage your crop, season to season.

Our IAS AlertII provides you the most flexibility, it allows you to install almost any field sensor measuring the exact parameter you believe to be most useful.  It is a self-contained early warning system helping you protect your valuable crops from spring/fall frost events, mold conditions and irrigation needs.  IAS is not a sensor manufacture but recommends sensor technologies based on our customers experiences and the test results from nationwide research organizations (UMASS, Rutgers, UWI, CCCGA, WSCGA).  The AlertII is a portable wireless, cell based system connected with up to five (5) measuring sensors.  It can be used to profile/scout your growing area for the cold spots, dry or wet areas so you learn how to control irrigation in that specific area. 

The IAS AlertII as standard and TempGard with the optional computer interface will alert you that your set points have been exceeded, by texting, emailing and/or calling you!  It will log when and who received the messages to give the ability to follow up with your staff.

Our standard sensors include:

  •      Air Temperature (exposed or radiation shield)
  •      Soil Moisture (Tension, EC, VWC)
  •      Leaf Wetness
  •      Water Table Level
  •      River/Lake/Pond Level
  •      Dendrometer – Fruit
  •      RH and/or Dew Point
  •      Water Flow Rate/Application Rate/River Flow
  •      Discharge Pressure
  •      PH
  •      DO
  •      Nitrate/Phosphorous/Potasium
  •      Turbidity
  •      Tank Level
  •      Emission Monitoring
  •      Gas Detection

Call IAS or your local iRep to learn how you can take more control of the data these modern sensors gather.  Add a new tool to your tool box to help you verify what is happening in the Bog/Marsh/Field/Barn/Tank Farm now. 

Products Offered: